“Working together with Hans Bergfeld is inspiring. He helps you not only to approach your situation from the various different angles, he also opens your eyes by showing angles of which you didn’t know its existence.”

Ferry van Beek (Publisher)

“Working together with Hans Bergfeld is inspiring. He helps you not only to approach your situation from the various different angles, he also opens your eyes by showing angles of which you didn’t know its existence.”

Jeroen de Rijk (percussionist, composer and producer)

The Music Marketeers

“For more than 12 years Hans Bergfeld is, in his role as Secretary of the ABMD, not only the engine of our Association, ABMD but he is, as the consultant for our members, also the direct point of contact for questions and problems relating to music-rights. In addition, with his profound knowledge, he guides the licensing negotiations with (inter)national rights organizations. Over the years I have known Hans as a quiet and amiable person, who comes to the heart of the matter fast, thorough and with complete reports, effectively and efficiently and enjoys the success of his relationships in the industry. I hope to be able to work together with him for many more years to come.”

Rob van Rozendaal (former managing director TMM and former chairman ABMD)

Evita Art & Music

“From the moment onwards when I contacted Hans Bergfeld, I had the idea that he, given his busy schedule, would have no time to support me. But regardless he took a momentum to listen to me and did even much more than that. By the thorough and targeted approach Hans spared me lots of headache, not to mention the money that it would have cost me if I would not have met him and followed up on his advice. Hans was capable to reduce my problem to such proportions that I, despite all the pressure my situation caused me, I could feel relaxed. In the future, and whenever necessary, I will most certainly contact Hans, because he is a high level professional, committed and – perhaps the most important for me, his expertise makes that it feels comfortable to work with him.”

Evita Tjon A Ten (female composer, singer and artist)


“Over the past 12 years Hans Bergfeld has given me excellent support in various copy- & musicright issues I have come across as a composer. At the beginning of our cooperation he managed specifically the omissions in statements of the Associations in copy- & music rights. The last ¾ of our cooperation the complete administration of my works and the music publishing house are in his hands and professional guidance. By his care, tenacity and major network is the distribution of copyright of my music much more efficient and with much less hassle compared to the days I did this myself without the expertise of Bermusico.”

Ivo Witteveen (composer and music-publisher)


“What characterizes Hans most is his ability to conciliatory intervene, without compromising the interests of those he represents in mind. His structured approach and clear communicative skills allows parties time and again to result into a smooth cooperation.”

Jozua Laga (Account manager mechanical reproduction rights & live Music Sabam)


“Hans Bergfeld manages for several years now, the administration of copyrights of our music publishing house. We mainly write music for tv commercials. To receive a Buma/Stemra allowance for ones work it is essential that the works are registered in a proper manner within a certain timeframe. Hans is very accurate. The declarations are always taken care of in time, he has very good view on outstanding business, checks all statements accurately and – perhaps the most important – he has, by his background, a very good contact with Buma/Stemra and knows the right people in the right place. I am very very pleased with the work what Hans has done for us over the last few years. In the future we will most certainly work with him for a very long period of time.”

Diederik Idenburg (composer and music-publisher)

Eddy Ouwens

“As a composer/producer finding the right balance is what matters. I am thinking of the correct text for my composition or the best balance during recording and mixing. What I never loved was the balance between my work and the control of revenue. I prefer to create a new work, rather than spending hours looking into statements. Hans has brought his years of experience and network into his company Bermusico. That gives me a pleasant and secure feeling. He checks, negotiates and also keeps me sharp. Due to the expertise of Hans Bergfeld/Bermusico I finally found the right balance!”

Eddy Ouwens (composer/producer)


“Enthusiasm and a very extensive experience of the complex copyright matter, always pragmatic and goal-oriented, positive critical, open communicative and always constructive. A shortlist of the many qualities that I, during my career of 20 years at Sabam, have been able to appreciate thinking of Hans, and it encourages me to expand our cooperation even further.”

Serge Vloeberghs (director Licensing Sabam)

“This is about Hans Bergfeld, the founder of Bermusico. Hans advises and acts as an intermediary for his clients, so that they get their music right entitlement. Without him, I would never have received a cent of Buma/Stemra. He is committed, conscientious, is legally literate, does not give in easily and is a nice person! Hans Bergfeld is the soul of Bermusico. He has an extended knowledge of all the rules and regulations, speaks the language, has a ton of experience. He proceeds observant, precise and fair, the most beneficial approach, for me anyway. The most remarkable about Hans is his sense of tact, he makes you feel safe, protected, taken care of. Really, at Bermusico, you and your business are in good hands.”

Marijke Philips (copywriter/songwriter)