We offer you a wide range of services which can be adapted to the wishes and needs of you, the customer.

Our services range from full back-office support for the composer and/or Publisher up to an individual tailored advice. Take a few moments of your time and have a closer look at our website to see what we can do for you.

You have been busy for days, perhaps weeks, composing music for a specific assignment. Just before the deadline, all materials are handed over to the client. Your client is pleased and now your music is to be released into the world. This moment is for you the start to get the administrative processing, including declaring the music at the various copyrights organizations, the up-loading of sound files etc, up and running. You will soon realise that this is not really your cup of tea. Wouldn’t it be a relieve if you can outsource that specialism to an expert in this field of business? This is where Bermusico comes in.

The services of Bermusico are not restricted to only registering your work. Our services go way beyond and start at the moment that a draft contract is handed over to you. You wonder, are all details and benefits in this contract valid? Based on years of experience with this type of contracts, we can provide you – in language you understand – with advice on the content of the contract. What do all those terms and conditions indicate for you, for your co-writers? We’ll guide you through all details, one-by-one.

And what about all those statements you will receive throughout the year?

Do these statements match with your expectations? Do you receive the allowance what you are entitled to? We check your statements on accuracy and completeness but in case of omissions we also arrange the claims on your behalf. By taking care of all this ‘hassle’ you can put your focus on what you are good at, composing and making songs.

Imagine you are a composer and want to allocate your music at your own publishing house. Or you are a member of a group of authors and you want to allocate the joint written songs as a collective in a music publishing house. How does this process work? We can provide you with advise and help you setting up a publishing house, how to log on to Buma/Stemra and arranging all administrative affairs. For example registration of new works, arranging the publishing contracts with the songwriter(s), control of the statements of the copyrights association, submitting claims for omissions etc..

Why align with Bermusico?
We are a neutral and objective third party. Bermusico is not a publishing house and is not affiliated with any of the copy-/music rights organizations worldwide. In this way we can always give you an objective and reliable advice aligned to your situation.

Whether you as a performing artist already attract full houses, or just make your entrance at The Voice of Holland. It is important that from the beginning onwards your administrative process is settled in properly. Can I sign the contract? Will I receive the correct royalty rate? These are all questions that you as an artist will have to deal with. We can help you to find the proper answer to all these type of questions. We screen the contract, advise and assist, if so required, when negotiating the terms.

But also for activities like, registration and taking care of set lists with the specific copyrights organizations, checking your royalty statements and submitting claims based on inaccuracies are administrative tasks we can do on your behalf. So you can focus on what you do best: perform and act on stage with confidence.

An overview of capabilities is never complete. No situation is the same, so each customer requires its own approach. As an example, for more than 12 years we are affiliated as a consultant to the Association of professional background music producers, ABMD, but at the same time we also provide all secretarial and professional guidance to this Association.

We intermediate in individual matters between parties. In the event of issues that ultimately must be reviewed by a judge, we offer the possibility to prepare and accompany these cases in full detail to help you to save on the total cost of hiring a lawyer. Our broad network can also be helpful in finding you the lawyer matching your situation.

Is your case not covered by any of the listed counters, but is related to copy-/music rights? Please contact us to determine together whether we can be of service to you. We see each new case as a challenge!

“Hans has brought his years of experience and network into his company Bermusico. That gives me a pleasant and secure feeling. He checks, negotiates and also keeps me sharp. Due to the expertise of Hans Bergfeld/Bermusico I finally found the right balance!”